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Servicing thousands of locations and thousands of projects is a demanding challenge that requires tightly integrated systems, sound methods, best-in-class practices, leading-edge technology, and uncompromised leadership. CB Tech’s unique business model is a dynamic design that takes into consideration both the customer and the affiliate. Experience tells us that many of the smaller highly skilled affiliates often lack the administrative sophistication required by the typical service management companies. These certified and qualified affiliates, more often than not, offer better rates than their larger counterparts while delivering an equal or better level of service. CB Tech recognized the value of these smaller affiliate and designed a business model to work seamlessly with the largest and the smallest affiliates alike. CB Tech’s efficiencies improve by a combination of the lower rates and by the lower level of affiliate turnover. CB Tech recognizes and understands the strategic significance of national accounts. Our business model was no accident, it’s a deliberate design with the purpose of servicing national accounts. It’s what we do best.

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At the core of CB Tech’s national account framework is an infrastructure built on scalability. A thousand location rollout is a daunting task that requires the right systems, the right operations, the right technology, the right resources and the wherewithal to put it all together and make it happen. Our operations and systems are designed for unlimited scalability, requiring only minimal overhead and resources for exponential growth. It’s as simple as adding some computer hardware and possibly a full or part-time operator.

Innovative deployment of technology is key to achieving the highest levels of efficiency and effectiveness resulting in a significant impact on the bottom line. Automation allows for the highest and best use of our labor force. Each month, thousands of work orders are automatically generated and dispatched to affiliates. Affiliates are then able to accept and download or reject work orders from a web portal at their convenience. After a reasonable acceptance period, the automated reminder system sends a daily e-mail reminder until the work order is either accepted or rejected. Upon completion of the service, the affiliate e-mails the completed work order to our service desk where it is automatically verified and qualified. Work orders and invoices are forwarded to the communication center for processing; other document types such as proof of insurance, certifications, and licenses are automatically filed under the affiliate; and invalid communications are forwarded to the preprocess center for human verification and disposition. After processing, the affiliate automatically receives a process complete acknowledgement. All of this accomplished 24/7 without any staff involvement. That’s efficiency at its best.

Managing the exceptions is at the heart of our practices and procedures. With a focus and an emphasis on the exceptions we are able to respond effectively rather than reacting to an emergency. Through early detection and notification we are able to mitigate exceptions in a timely manner avoiding costly problems for customers and our self alike. Streamlined processes and procedures provide greater visibility when things go wrong. Our dashboard provides an at-a-glance status of all work in process while allowing us to drill down multiple levels to view all of the details. Flexible filtering, sorting and selecting makes this an invaluable management tool.

Being the premier minority owned services management firm requires unparalleled leadership. CB Tech’s talented leadership team posses a unique blend of admirable traits - intelligence, charisma, innovative, dedication, drive, vision. The synergism of this team continues to lead CB Tech to higher levels of achievement and success.